Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a good evening. My name is Baffour Osei. I am the manager of the Robotics Lab in the F-Wing of EQuad. Yes, this is a long email; however, it contains important information about being a part of the Robotics Lab so please read till the end. Thank you in advance for reading it and for taking care of our shared space!

  1. Onboarding: If you haven’t already attended an onboarding meeting, please attend the next one on (TBD) at the Vicon Area of the Robotics Lab. I’ll send another reminder as a calendar invite closer to time.

    This will be an introductory meeting to the guidelines/expectations of the Robotics Lab as a shared space and the resources we have to offer. It's mandatory for all undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs that are associated with this lab whether you belong to the core group or are an adjacent member. Faculty are encouraged to attend as well; however, their presence isn't mandatory. They along with everyone else will be responsible for knowing and abiding by the information shared during the meeting.

  2. Communications: The first thing I need you to do is join our communication channels so that you can stay in the loop with what is going on in the Robotics Lab

    1. Listserv - I need you to subscribe to the Robotics listserv using this link. This will allow you to remain updated whenever we send out emails concerning the lab.
    2. Slack - I need you to join the Robotics slack using this link. This will make sure you’re in the Robotics Lab community and will help you stay informed about more informal matters. (The slack link expires 15 days from me sending out this email so if it doesn’t work, please reach out to me at [email protected], and I’ll send you a new link)
    3. Please fill out this Robotics Lab association form ASAP to help me know your connection to the lab. 5 questions total: 3 multiple choice. 1 your name. 1 your research: https://forms.gle/pHVtYCT5UYxWQ6WP6
  3. Guidelines: I have sent out a link to the RL Notion page. This page (hopefully) will be the one stop shop for all things concerning RL (outside of the slack channel and listserv). The Notion page contains equipment SOPs, lab forms, etc. It is still growing and open to suggestions!

    Please familiarize yourself with the guidelines since we are in a shared space. Shared environments work best when everyone associated with the space is on the same page. I’ve gone through these guidelines with those who were at the onboarding. I will do the same at the next onboarding which is required for anyone who missed the first one. It is on (TBD) at the Vicon Area of the RL.

    You can also reach the notion page through this link (https://princeton-robotics-lab.notion.site/Robotics-Lab-89f083dea17c4928b0d1ae32a573379a) or under the Links section of the Princeton Robotics Website: (https://robo.princeton.edu/). If you have restricted access to the notion page, email me, and I’ll add you to it. So far, I’ve added all the emails on the listserv, but I know not everyone is on the mailing list yet. If you’re seeing this email, you’re probably fine but if any of your lab mates aren’t, please let them know to subscribe using the link in 2a and reach out to me.

  4. Equipment & Authorizations: All equipment in the Equipment section of the Notion page (except for the Minor Equipment section) require lab manager authorization to use. Even if you have prior experience with the equipment, I just need to give you the guidelines for use within our lab so that I can confirm that we’re on the same page about it.

    Please don’t attempt to use any of the equipment before getting my authorization even if you’ve used it before. I won’t make it a problem for you, I just want to make sure we are all on the same page about proper use practices for our equipment so that they remain well kept and online for everyone’s use in the lab. Feel free to reach out to me when you’re ready to learn.

    Here is a link to the Equipment Page on Notion

  5. Slack: Something that came up during the first onboarding meeting is improving communication about Robotics Lab items so we've created several channels within the Robotics slack to help ensure that specific items can be found in specific places.

    #announcements will only be for lab-wide announcements. Everyone has to be in this channel and check it regularly. When we're able to build a habit of checking this page regularly, we won't have to have as many meetings, and they won't be as long since you'd already be informed about lab stuff.

    #equipment will only be for equipment updates, questions, missing tools, equipment requests, etc. Please join this channel, turn on notifications, and check it when there's a message. You don't have to reply if it doesn't apply to you, but I just want you to be aware.

    #media - I'm not forcing this on anyone (for now...), but I know you take pictures and videos of your projects as you're working on them. I created this channel so you can share what you're working on with us. I've seen some great stuff since I started working here, and I doubt I'm the only one who feels that way. So pretty please if you could post some of the pics and videos and diagrams/simulations/visuals of your research here, I'm sure we would all really appreciate it! Yes, even the experiments gone wrong, even the mundane, even the routine items. Those all give context to us concerning the bigger picture of your projects and experiments and how they fit into your research. I didn't add anyone to this channel so that it was voluntary, but I'm really hoping you join


    #social will only be for social announcements both inside the robotics lab and around campus that someone might feel is relevant to people in this slack channel. For the sake of everyone getting to know each other, please join this channel if you're not already in it and check it regularly to remain informed of our events.

    #kitchen will only be for things that have to do with the kitchen. If you use the kitchen, please add yourself to this channel and turn on notifications.

    #funny is for memes and other content to help you take a step back from work and realize there's still a world outside that doesn't mind that your experiment just failed for the 8th time. I didn't add anyone to this channel because I figured you'd join if you wanted to be in it.

Thank you for making it to the end of this message. Here’s a cookie!

Please reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions! I’m looking forward to serving you all and seeing the knowledge you discover along the way!


Baffour Osei

Robotics Lab Manager Princeton University School of Engineering and Applied Science Room F215 Engineering Quadrangle 41 Olden Street Princeton, NJ 08544-5263 Phone: 609.258.1241